Adidas Yeezy Basketball QNTM "Onyx" Coming This Year: Photos

Kanye West had been teasing his fans with a basketball shoe for a very long time before he actually gave it to them. The Adidas Yeezy Basketball QNTM has been a huge hit amongst sneakerheads and while most people where these casually, there is no denying that some fans have rocked these on the court at the local park as a way to flex and show people that they’re really about the sneaker life.

For months now, brand new colorways have slowly but surely made their way to the internet and Yeezy Mafia has seemingly revealed them all ahead of time. Now, the Yeezy insiders have revealed that an all-black version of the Basketball QNTM will be dropping soon and you can see the images, below. This new model is going to be called “Onyx” and it has a classy yet stealthy look that will surely appeal to a wide range of fans out there.