Zoey Dollaz Talks Problematic Side Of Posthumous Stream Spikes

After an artist passes away, it’s inevitable that their music sees a massive increase in streams. Following the tragic death of DMX on April 9th, it was reported that his streaming numbers saw a 928 percent boost. Unsurprising, as DMX was — for a time — among the biggest rap superstars in the world. And while the numbers have yet to come in, it’s likely that Black Rob will see a similar increase following his death on April 17th.

While many likely turn to revisiting music as a means of coping with the loss of a beloved artist, for Zoey Dollaz, the posthumous streaming phenomenon comes with some problematic baggage, especially for black artists. Over the weekend, he took to Twitter to voice his frustrations. “Stop running up dead black artists streams if the money ain’t going to their families,” he wrote. “We making these vultures even more rich after the these kings die off then their families don’t get shit!!!!!”