YNW Melly's Manager Addresses Rumors He Turned Over Evidence Against The Rapper

There have been all sorts of rumors regarding YNW Melly and his present legal status. As you may know, the 21-year-old rapper was arrested over two years ago on double murder charges but his trial has been held up. His co-defendant, YNW Bortlen, was released from jail before getting arrested again last week for allegedly violating his bond conditions. As for Melly, he remains locked up without much information about whether he’ll be coming home soon.

Some of the rumors involve Track, YNW Melly’s manager, who was also the former manager of King Von. Because of everything Track has been through in the last few years, as well as his interviews following Von’s passing, people have been talking about him, even sharing allegations that Track handed over key evidence to the cops in Melly’s case. He sat down for a new interview with DJ Akademiks to clear everything up.

Broward’s Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Responding to the rumors that Track had a part in YNW Melly getting locked up for the last two years, the rapper’s manager said, “Bro, Melly clearly turned himself in. Obviously, no one’s in jail because of me. If a situation happened where it’s a lot of things unraveling– you got the police, you got the detectives, you got the prosecutors, you got everybody…

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