South Park x Adidas Campus 80s "Towelie" Release Date Revealed

4/20 is almost here which means every stoner’s favorite Holiday is upon us. During this time of the year, brands like to come through with their own 4/20-related products as a way to cash in on the trend. Sneaker companies have been known to do this over the years and one such brand is Adidas. In fact, now, Adidas will be teaming up with¬†South Park for a new pair of Campus 80s that are dressed up as a stoner character from the series.

Of course, the character in question here is none other than “Towelie” who has become beloved over the years on the show. As you can see from the images below, the sneaker has a mostly purple upper, all while the midsole and three stripes are white. Towelie has white eyes on the tongue but under UV light, those eyes become red as if he’s just smoked up. It’s a fun little collab and it is certainly one that South Park fans can appreciate.