George Floyd's Sister Bridgett Explains Why She Can't Watch Video Of His Final Moments

His image has been at the forefront of recent social justice movements worldwide but to those who knew and loved George Floyd, he was a father, brother, friend, and loved one. We’re in the thick of the Derek Chauvin trial and while Floyd supporters are hoping for a conviction, many don’t have as much faith in America’s justice system.

Floyd’s sister, Brigett Floyd, sat down with The Shade Room to speak candidly about her late brother and the police officer responsible for his death. “My brother is not on trial. Derek is on trial,” said Bridgett. “So I would love for them to keep it the way that it’s supposed to go. They’re bringing my brother up day after day after day as if he done something wrong. He hasn’t done anything wrong. The officer is the one who killed him.”

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