Gonzaga Sinks Buzzer Beater To Defeat UCLA & Advance To The National Championship

Earlier this evening, the Baylor University and the University of Houston men’s basketball teams duked it out to see who would advance to the NCAA National Championship. Baylor skated to a lopsided victory, advancing the team to Monday’s championship game against whoever would end up winning in the subsequent game with Gonzaga University and UCLA. Now, the results are in from the latter Final Four semifinal matchup, and Gonzaga —‌ ‌as many people suggested —‌ ‌was victorious. 

After entering overtime at the end of regulation, both teams appeared to be heading in the direction of second overtime when Gonzaga guard Jalen Suggs hit a game-changing three-point buzzer-beater to solidify a win over UCLA. According to Komo News, the championship-contending team’s win tonight puts them at 31 consecutive wins, giving them an undefeated run this season. Many, including former President Barack Obama, expected the top seed to make it this far, so luckily, the team was able to pull it out last-minute.

Check out the social media reactions to the insane final shot of tonight’s Gozaga and UCLA game as well as their excitement for the upcoming championship matchup between the Baylor Bears and the Gozaga Bulldogs.