Yung Joc Gets Roasted After Debuting Fake Beard

Yung Joc is back at it, debuting his new look and showing off his spray-on fake beard on social media. The 37-year-old rapper/television personality was seemingly tired of waiting for his facial hair to grow in so he got a special spray to make it appear as though he grew a full beard overnight.

He posted his fake facial hair for the first time on Wednesday, sharing a video of himself at the radio station with his spray, applying it onto his face. He even had a pair of clippers in hand to shape himself up as everyone watched in the background and passed comments. A few women can be heard telling Joc to make sure he doesn’t miss his mustache before he sprays his upper lip.

As you can expect, Yung Joc is being roasted to oblivion for this. He’s done some corny things in the past but, for many of the people commenting, this takes the cake. “Not Yung Joc...with a lace front beard,” joked one fan on Twitter. 

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