Beyoncé Loses $1 Million Worth Of Stolen Goods To Storage Unit Thieves

Beyoncé has a lot to celebrate recently. The superstar-mogul became the most decorated woman in Grammy history a few weeks ago after earning her 28th award at this year’s ceremony. Additionally, the Lemonade mastermind’s Ivy Park venture with Adidas has the company banking on the hope that it will boost the company to similar heights that Kanye’s massive Yeezy collab did. Unfortunately, some overzealous thieves took it upon themselves to get into some of Queen Bey’s goldmine, making it off with $1 million worth of stolen goods. 

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to TMZ, the 39-year-old Houston native’s storage units were broken into earlier this month on two separate occasions. Law enforcement officials tell the publication that Bey’s valuables were hit twice and the culprits made it off with her expensive handbags and dresses.