Lil Yachty Might Be Trying To Scam 6ix9ine

People have been making fun of Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty on TikTok for a video of him flying coach recently. He responded by saying that he can afford to fly private, which he’s done dozens of times, but why would he spend the money if he doesn’t have to. Perhaps he’s going to try and fund his next private flight by using another rapper’s credit card, warning Tekashi 6ix9ine that he’s made a mental note of the Brooklyn-based star’s credit card number.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

6ix9ine hasn’t been the most active in recent weeks but, on Thursday night, the rapper posted a picture flexing on his followers, spoiling his girlfriend Jade with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers, several Chanel bags, and more. He posed in front of his two-tone Lamborghini, which he says he owns. Sharing the pictures as a gallery, 6ix9ine included a copy of his receipt, showing that he spent over $50,000 on his girlfriend at the designer store. However, he kept the last four digits of his American Express credit card in plain view, setting himself up to be scammed. Lil Yachty warned him that he might be the one to swipe his info.