Jake Paul & Ben Askren Go At Each Other's Necks During Press Conference

Jake Paul and Ben Askren will be taking part in a massive fight on April 17th which will be broadcast by Triller. There are some big musical guests planned for the evening, although everyone will be watching to see what Paul can do against a real fighter like Askren. Paul is undefeated in his brief boxing career, although Askren poses his toughest challenge yet, and fans are skeptical as to whether or not Jake can actually win the fight.

Today, the two had their official press conference for the fight, and as you can imagine, things got pretty testy. At one point, Paul called Askren a “pussy ass bitch” all while Askren claimed that he could kill Paul in a fight if he really wanted to. Jake then proceeded to call Jorge Masvidal as a big taunt to Askren’s fighting capability.