Asian Doll Reveals Her Feature Price & Twitter Is Divided

In recent weeks, Asian Doll has come under major fire for making some controversial public comments. On March 22nd, Asian was slammed for defending Kylie Jenner after the billionaire beauty mogul donated $5K to a friend’s surgery. Many called it a bad take, considering Kylie could make the entirety of the money required for the surgery back in less than a day, although Kylie later defended herself, explaining how the situation had been misconstrued.


On Thursday, as reported by The Neighborhood Talk, Asian Doll completely dismissed the sexual assault allegations of Raz-B’s ex-girlfriend Kallee Brookes, who claims he held her down and impregnated her against her will. “She could’ve simply took a plan B afterwards,” Asian wrote in a comment, which many found distasteful and disrespectful. 

It’s no surprise, then, that many clowned on Asian Doll when she revealed how much she charges people for a verse and a music video. “Friend or not I’m charging you n*****…

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