Illinois Toppled By Loyola Chicago As March Madness Upsets Continue

March Madness is easily one of the best times of the year if you are a big fan of basketball. The NCAA Tournament always provides some drama and everyone is always interested in the big upsets. In the first round, the biggest upset was Oral Roberts over Ohio State, especially since Oral Roberts was the 15th seed. There were other big upsets throughout the first couple of days and on Sunday, we got yet another great moment.

In the tweets below, you can see that Loyola Chicago came through with a massive win against Illinois, who were one of the number one seeds, and was expected to make it all the way to the Final Four. Now, Loyola Chicago gets to go to the Sweet Sixteen, while one of the tournament’s big favorites is gone.

Loyola Chicago has been an underdog story numerous times in the March Madness tournament, and they are guided by Sister Jean who is always at the games, making sure the…

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