Nick Young Catches Backlash For Calling Women's NCAA Basketball The "JV Team"

After a viral video showing the disparaging differences between the men’s and women’s NCAA gym circulated, Nick Young is finding his name at the center of controversy. It’s March Madness which means we’re in the thick of college basketball mania, but over on TikTok, Oregon Ducks’ Sedona Prince shared that the women’s weight room was only a set of barbells, while the men’s workout area was a full-on facility with all the bells and whistles. Professional sports players like Steph Curry chimed in to condemn the NCAA for discriminating against the ladies, but Nick Young’s response set the internet on fire.

On Instagram, ESPN shared the clip and Young slid in the comments. “Man y’all not bringing the big bucks y’all the JV team and it’s cool,” Young remarked. Soon, people flooded social media with responses as they accused the basketball star of devaluing women’s sports. He even took a few more hits because he’s the father of a daughter who may one day follow in his footsteps.

Later, Young claimed he was hacked. “Dang who hack me like that .. I love women I would never !, all the woman I love …we gotta find this hacker going around l,” he tweeted. You can read through a few responses from the public below.