Benny The Butcher Explains Delay In Releasing Drake Collab, Say He "Can't Wait"

We’ve heard of song and album releases that have gone from announcements to phantom projects, but Benny The Butcher is promising that he does have a Drake collaboration on deck. Both artists began teasing their joint effort in late 2019, and in February 2020, it was officially announced the two rappers had cooked up something in the studio. However, fans continue to wait for news about a release, and every few months, Benny returns to tease whatever they’ve worked on behind the scenes.

Once again, Benny The Butcher confirms that the Drake collaboration is complete and told Big Facts Podcast that the release is all about timing. “It’s hard, but it’s really not that hard,” said Benny about sitting on a Drake record. “It’s like this, it’s like, levels, you know what I’m saying? I wanna—sh*t, it’s a record from Drake. I want it to work out…” One of the hosts said the word “maximize” and the rapper agreed. “Exactly. It’s a build-up thing. It’s not just about getting it and throwing it up, and it’s about timing. That’s motherf*ckin’ Drake, Aubrey Graham. So, even if you got a record with that n*gga, you can’t just throw it out. You gotta get ready when he ready, too. It’s all that type of sh*t so, you know what I mean, it’s just whenever.”

“How we were saying about the followers and all that a few minutes ago, I’m appreciative of n*ggas like that who just not reaching out to n*ggas who just got—’cause he could work with anybody… I’m appreciative of that,” he continued. “To be honest with…

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