PnB Rock Issues Warning To His "Folks" That Have Been In His GF's DMs

When it comes to his relationship, PnB Rock isn’t messing around. We live in the era when people are finding their Mr. and Mrs. Right—and Mr. and Mrs. Right Nows—by sliding into DMs. People are shooting their shots left and right to the objects of their affections, but PnB Rock doesn’t appreciate people, some that he seems to know, trying to kick game to his girlfriend.

PnB Rock, girlfriend, DMs
Ser Baffo / Stringer / Getty Images

The rapper took to Instagram to issue a warning to the men who he’s seen in his girlfriend’s private messages. “PSA to all you little n*ggas, you little rat n*ggas, this right here, this me,” the rapper said as he attempted to show off his lady. “This is me right here. She show me all y’all DMs. You lookin’ like clowns. And y’all supposed to be my folks you b*tch ass n*ggas. Lucky I don’t take it to the trenches on you, ya heard me. ‘Cause this sh*t get critical about this one. Don’t play with my b*tch, bro. It’s smoke n*gga.”