Jay-Z & Beyoncé Showed Up Late To The Grammys

It was a big evening for Beyoncé at the Grammys who led the nominations and now, broke the record for most Grammys won by any woman and any singer, male or female. She currently has 28 Grammys and as mentioned during her acceptance speech, she has been doing this since she was a child. The 28 Grammys also makes her tied with Quincy Jones for the most Grammys won by a living person. Plus, Blue Ivy picked up a Grammy, as well.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Even though it was a massive night for Beyoncé, many suspected that she wasn’t about to pull up to the show. She declined to perform last night, and with the recent uptick of artists boycotting the Grammys, many suspected that Jay-Z and Beyoncé wouldn’t have pulled up at all. They did, just halfway through the show. The power couple was seen halfway through the socially-distanced show right before Beyoncé’s consecutive wins.

The couple was seen in black masks as a camera did a quick close-up on them but Twitter had much to say already. Many had joked that the two were casually pulling up after dinner just to see Megan Thee Stallion and grab Blue Ivy’s Grammy.

Even though Jay-Z didn’t scoop any wins as a…

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