Azealia Banks Defends Doja Cat After Grammy Snub Before Calling Her Out

A few weeks ago, Azealia Banks was bashing Doja Cat at every turn, calling out the rapper on social media and body-shaming her, calling her fat and bullying her on Instagram. After realizing that Doja had previously praised Azealia’s music publicly, her opinion of the “Say So” hitmaker seemingly changed. While Azealia has held less malice toward Doja Cat, she clearly still doesn’t love the Los Angeles-based singer. Still, she recognizes that Doja probably should have won a Grammy Award at Sunday night’s ceremony.


“Dojacat deserved a Grammy,” wrote Azealia on Instagram Stories, before theorizing that she wasn’t awarded because of her work with Dr. Luke, who was previously involved in a years-long legal war with Kesha, who accused the producer of sexual, verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. “It’s def the Dr. Luke politic.”