Rick Ross Hits The Golf Course, Hails Himself "Rozay Woods"

Warmer weather is finally here and with the clocks turned ahead by an hour, we will now be subjected to a lot more sunlight. This means that golfers will finally be taking their clubs out of the basement, dusting them off, and hitting the golf course. Some people will be taking this opportunity to play golf for the very first time, and over the weekend, https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/rick-ross-wants-to-know-who-you-think-should-portray-him-in-a-biopic-news.128281.htmlthat’s exactly what Rick Ross did as he hit up the links with retired basketball superstar Dwyane Wade.

Wade already knows how to golf so he was there to give Ross some much-needed help with his swing. In the video below, you can see Ross hitting a shot from the fairway, and it’s quite clear that he is enjoying himself. The rapper even called himself Rozay Woods, although it remains to be seen if this nickname will stick.