Instagram Gallery: City Girls' JT's Most Notable Fashion Moments

One-half of the City Girls, JT, has been all over social media with her seemingly complicated-but-now-uncomplicated boo, Lil Uzi Vert. Over the last three weeks, the pair has been parading around on Twitter, sharing their shopping trips, painfully sweet screenshots of text messages, and occasional beef with anyone who has anything negative to say about their unique relationship. 

Nonetheless, JT seems to have no problem lighting these fires on her own. In December, the rapper has been under major scrutiny for problematic comments she made in the past, although she seems to have moved on to fighting battles for her man instead. Uzi posted a screenshot asking his love to fight somebody for him on Twitter to which she responded, “Who? Send her @,” within seconds. The couple is dedicated for sure, and their connection can even be sourced in Lil Uzi’s lyrics; on “Lo Mein” he says “Took JT out the city.” There’s no telling when they officially had their start, but it’s obvious they have lots of love for each other. 

city girls performing

Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

Meanwhile, JT has still been hard at work with music. The member of the City Girls recently hopped on a remix of the viral hit “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” by BRS Kash and teased being in the studio awhile back, and to top it all off, she always looks good while doing it. The rapper does not miss with her fashion statements on Instagram, and we can’t help but admire from afar.

Here are all of JT’s notable fashion moments while we revel in her pop culture status.

Fashion Killa

JT steps out flexing her Birkin bag and diamond chain.

Barbie Doll

Forever serving face.


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