DaniLeigh Questions Haters Who Continue To Criticize Her: "Y'all Come For Everything"

Undoubtedly, DaniLeigh has been taking hits from social media users at every turn. The Los Angeles singer has faced scrutiny throughout her career by naysayers, but things kicked up a notch after rumors of her relationship with DaBaby began to circulate, and after they went public, it seemed people near and far had something to say about the industry couple. Once that came to an end the jeers didn’t cease, and her “yellow bone” controversy caused a firestorm of backlash. Most recently, a meet-and-greet video circulated and DaniLeigh was teased about the way she walks while her body was criticized as she faced pregnancy accusations.

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Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

DaniLeigh¬†has seen some of the trolling and negativity tossed her way and had a few questions for people who continuously verbally attack her. “I got a question, ’cause it seems like y’all really just come for everything,” said the singer. “I just wanna know…y’all come for my walk, y’all come for my body, y’all come for my style, y’all come for my relationship history, y’all come for everything. Y’all come for everything.”

“What are you gonna do when you just can’t find sh*t to come for?” she asked. “What are you gonna do when you’re just like, looking so deeply into a picture or video that I have and you just like, ‘Damn, what can I say?’ What are you gonna do when you just can’t find anything? I just wanna know. What are gonna do?”

Like clockwork, people didn’t hesitate to respond in their own way. Check out the video, and a few reactions, below.