Grimes Sold $5.8 Million In Crypto-Art In 20 Minutes: Report

Art dealing is one of several ways that the elite stay in their tax brackets, but not many are auctioning off their own creations. Grimes and Elon Musk are viewed as an eccentric couple with the world’s resources at their fingertips, and their moves—both business and creative—have proven to be lucrative, including Grimes’s latest that made her nearly $6 million richer. Recently, Grimes created a set of digital artworks and auctioned them off to the highest bidder. They’re described as NFTs—or non-fungible tokens including films, clips, images, poems, and the like—and they fetched the musician and artist a pretty penny.

Grimes, WarNymph, Auction, Art
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

The art project, dubbed the WarNymph Collection Vol. 1, was a collaboration between Grimes and her brother, Mac Boucher. A video titled “Death of the Old” was a hot commodity as it was the subject of a bidding war that resulted in a selling price of $400K. Shorter video pieces like “Earth” and “Mars” sold for $7,500 and within two days sold 300 copies.