Stephen A. Smith Heartbroken When Asked About Celtics

This season was supposed to be massive for the Boston Celtics, who boast the talents of a plethora of great players. Jayson Tatum, Jalen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Kemba Walker are all wonderful players to have on your roster and with this in mind, the expectations were high. While the team started off well, they are now 15-15 on the season, which has led to speculation about whether or not this team is poised to make a run.

While hosting his new ESPN+ show on Monday, Smith was asked by a young woman about her Celtics, and whether or not he sees a clear problem with the team. Smith sensed that the woman was sad, which left the sportscaster feeling a tad emotional. He then went on to explain the issue with the Celtics, noting that Walker needs to start playing at a higher level.