Cam Newton's Heckler Delivers Lengthy Apology

Cam Newton was going viral on TikTok yesterday as the star quarterback was in Myrtle Beach for a special 7 on 7 tournament. Newton was there to cheer on the teams and also sponsor one of the entries, although it turned a bit south when one of the players started heckling him. The teenager told him that he was “ass” and that he couldn’t even get signed, which led to a light confrontation in which Newton called the kid spoiled.

Many praised Newton for the way he handled the situation, while others were upset that a teenager thought he could speak that way. In fact, Jseth Owens, the teen behind the video, came out with an apology as he felt like the video misrepresented him. Owens claims it was just his competitive spirit at work, and that he is deeply sorry for all of it.

“I did not intend for it to get as far as it did!” Owens said. “As a football player, I let my competitive side get the best of me & it was a huge miscommunication. It was in the midst of the moment & I realize now how a lot of you took it as disrespect.”

Newton made…

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