Zack Snyder's Wild "Justice League" Trilogy Plans Revealed

At long last, the oft-requested Snyder Cut of Justice League has been released in full four-hour glory. Available to watch on HBO Max, the gargantuan superhero epic offers Zack Snyder's take on the 2017 crossover epic, and many have already declared it to be an improvement. Not only that, but it also serves to have reignited interest in Snyder's… Continue reading

Smino Calls "Cap" On Kim Kardashian Having The Best Grill

Kim Kardashian is being celebrated for her new grill, which features opal birthstones. The piece is gorgeous, but one particular rapper wants the world to know that Kim isn't necessarily setting any trends, pointing out that he had an opal grill before her.With so many people showing love for Kim Kardashian's new mouthpiece, Smino respectfully disagreed that she's… Continue reading

Andy Dalton Reveals His New Role With The Bears

Andy Dalton had a topsy turvy time with the Cincinnati Bengals as he was eventually ousted after a couple of subpar seasons. Since that time, Dalton has played with the Dallas Cowboys, mostly as a replacement to Dak Prescott. During the offseason, Dalton got a brand new opportunity to shine as he was signed to the… Continue reading