Offset Displays His Brand New Superpower

Back in December, a popular Twitter trend was born as it was believed that the Winter Solstice on December 21st would bring about superpowers for the black community. The entire ordeal led to some funny memes and an overall good time on the platform. For Offset, this trend was to be taken quite literally as, over the past couple of months, he has seemingly been working on a new move that has impressed Cardi B and will probably impress some of his fans.

In the clip below, Offset can be seen on the beach, where he is being filmed by Cardi. Eventually, Offset goes into a full-on Gymnastics routine as he does a cartwheel and even a backflip. Cardi and Offset’s friends were extremely impressed by the whole thing, as you can hear from the reactions. On IG, Offset referred to the routine as “My December 21 Powers.”