Skip Bayless Hates On LeBron James For Getting Paid

Skip Bayless has had a storied history when it comes to hating on LeBron James. At this point, Skip just can’t help himself as he always has something negative to say about one of the greatest basketball players of all time. These days, Bayless is mostly getting at LeBron for not being clutch anymore and for withering away in the fourth quarter. Bayless seldom provides the context that LeBron is getting older, but that’s because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

Today, Bayless got on Undisputed and went at LeBron for, you guessed it, getting paid. Essentially, Bayless believes that LeBron should have refused to take max money throughout his career, and instead, should have taken a pay cut so that he could have better teammates. Bayless says a ton of successful players have done this, and LeBron missed out on championships by taking the max deals.