Bam Margera Seeking Treatment Following Concerning IG Posts

Due to his history, fans became concerned recently when Bam Margera released a series of strange videos where he seemed inebriated. The Jackass icon lashed out in the clips as he told the public to boycott the film Jackass 4. In his video, Margera accused producers of edging him out of the movie and stated that executives stole his ideas only to not ask him to appear in the latest installment of the franchise. He further expressed that he was struggling with suicidal thoughts and revealed that he’d been consuming alcohol, leaving many to believe that he may be in trouble.

Twenty-four hours later, Margera returned with an update for his followers. He expressed that he had gone “batsh*t bonkers f*cking crazy” the day before because he wasn’t sure about his inclusion in the film. It seems that there was a misunderstanding because, in his new clip, Margera confirms that he will appear in the movie.

Margera also explained that he lives with manic bipolar disorder and suggested that could have aided in his recent episode and shared that he would be seeking treatment for his issues. You can listen to Margera…

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