Super Bowl LV Receives Important COVID-19 Update

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all set to face off in what should prove to be an All-Time great matchup. The Chiefs come into this game as the favorites although, with an injured offensive line, there is a good chance that the Buccaneers defense will be up to the task. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are going head-to-head in a game that will see the GOAT take on the baby GOAT.

One of the elements that have been looming over this game is COVID-19. There have been numerous protocols put in place leading up to the game, and recently, the game received an important update. According to the Washington Post, every single player has passed COVID protocol which means the game will get to go on as planned today. Many figured this would happen, although it is the final confirmation that there won’t be any delays.