Meek Mill Offers Lil Uzi Vert Love Advice, Fans Bring Up Nicki Minaj

On Friday, Lil Uzi Vert took to Twitter to express that someone has apparently broken his heart. While they have not officially confirmed their romance, fans speculate that it is City Girl JT after their series of Tweets together and a mysterious Instagram Live video. Around 5 pm, Uzi Tweeted, “You really gonna leave me like that,” and “It’s okay just know I still love you,” alongside a bunch of broken heart emojis. JT’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are currently deactivated, so she has not had the chance to respond to these Tweets. 


On January 15th, Lil Uzi Vert went live on Instagram when he was in the car with a woman. While you can’t see the woman’s face, you can clearly hear her voice and see her nails attempting to shut off the live video. Fans immediately recognized the voice and nails as JT, commenting things like, “I know jt voice anywhere bye fr,” and “that’s jt voice, talking ab mysterious.”

On February 3rd, JT went off on Twitter when Uzi said he only loves himself. Fans told JT…

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