Trey Songz's Ex Denies Knowing About His Video After Calling Leaks "Cringe"

The big hoopla of the day over on Twitter was Trey Songz’s alleged leaked sex tape. After the clip made the rounds on social media, Songz surfaced with a cheeky post about the controversy, neither confirming nor denying that he’s the person in the video. The singer became a trending topic for the better part of the afternoon, and later, Trey’s ex-girlfriend, model and jewelry designer Tanaya Henry, shared a tweet that made people believe she was shading her ex.

Trey Songz, Tanaya Henry, Sex Tape, Twitter
Andrew H. Walker / Staff / Getty Images

“Folks leaking their personal xxx videos for attention is so cringe,” Tanaya wrote. Soon, people began commenting on her post, and one person asked her if she “[missed] it,” meaning sex with Songz. Henry seemed confused and replied, “Miss what?” The person said they were talking about the video, again without specifying that they were referring to Songz, but Tanaya acted as if she didn’t know what they were talking about.