Trey Songz' Alleged Sex Tape Leaks: Twitter Is Going Nuts

If you lived out your formative years in the 2000s, you know damn well that all of the girls had a thing for Trey Songz. Paired with his incredible voice, the man’s looks did wonders for him as women jumped at any opportunity to see him in concert and, hopefully, be asked to come backstage with him. Trigga Trey remains one of the most popular R&B singers in the entire world in 2021.

The singer, who was recently arrested following a physical altercation with a police officer in Kansas City, is back in the news and the reason why will please any of the women and men that have lusted over Trey for the last decade. His alleged sex tape has leaked.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Twitter is in shambles right now as people react to Trey’s alleged leaked nudes. There is a supposed video of the artist receiving oral sex floating around the timeline, and it’s clear to see why Trey started trending so quickly. Women are lining up in his mentions, shooting their shot at the singer and praying on their lucky stars that they hear back from Songz. 

We will not include the alleged video, but we’ve compiled a collection of reactions below, which you can sift through.

Do you think Trey is actually the man in the video?