NLE Choppa Responds After A$AP Bari Calls Him Out For Wearing Fake Vlone

NLE Choppa keeps on evolving before our very eyes. Following his shocking transformation from a violent rapper to a peaceful earth-loving artist, the 18-year-old star becomes even more relatable through his response to A$AP Bari, who called him out on social media for wearing fake Vlone.

The designer of popular streetwear brand Vlone, Bari singled out NLE Choppa for wearing a piece of his merchandise that was not legitimate, seeking to embarrass the young rapper online. However, the moment was seemingly one that Choppa was actually proud about, claiming that he’s got eight figures in his bank account and will wear all the fake designer clothing he wants to. In his eyes, that’s how he’s going to keep his wealth.

“Please Tell This Man…

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