Cardi B Offers $10K Reward To Find Alleged Robbery Suspect: Report

Someone has rubbed Cardi B the wrong way because the rapper has called on her followers for help in finding a man. Often, celebrities will enlist the help of their dedicated fan bases to locate people that may have done someone wrong or who they have an issue with. Back in October, Cardi offered $10K to anyone who could assist in locating the person responsible for throwing acid on an innocent woman’s face while she walked down the street. On Wednesday (January 27), the rapper had another reward ready, but she didn’t initially say what it was all about.

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Presley Ann / Stringer / Getty images

Cardi B posted a blurry photo of a man to her Instagram account and in the caption, she wrote, “Anybody knows this man from New York? I’m looking for him…You tried it BUDDY!!! …I’m giving TEN THOUSAND For any info on this man!” Soon, her Bardi Gang swarmed various social media platforms trying to decipher why this person was wanted by the rapper. 

Under her IG post, T.I….

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