Kellyanne Conway Visited By Police After Daughter's Nude Photos Get Posted

Earlier this week in some considerably insidious news, former Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was accused of sharing a topless photo of her 16-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway. Although the image was almost immediately deleted from Conway’s Twitter account, many still saw the photos in the short time they were up. The teen has since come forward to say her mother “deserves to go to jail.” New reports are claiming that since the leak, New Jersey police reportedly visited the family’s home on Tuesday (January 26), a day after Claudia complained about the incident on social media. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families also allegedly, “looking into all concerns around the incident,” involving the Conway family, who live in Alpine. The department told CNBC that it could not confirm any investigations yet, however. The New York Post reported that four officers with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Alpine Police Department visited the Conway home and stayed inside for an hour before leaving.