The House Will Deliver Trump's Impeachment Articles To Senate On Monday

Shortly before former President Donald Trump had completed his time in office, he was hit with yet another impeachment, the second one to occur during his tenure in the Oval Office. The incident in question, of course, that landed Trump in trouble in the first place was the attempted siege of the Capitol building by radical supporters of the disgraced politician attempting to stop the transfer of power. Despite President Joe Biden being sworn into office already, Trump’s impeachment trial is still moving forward, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirming Friday (January 22) that the impeachment articles passed by the House are set to move to Senate on Monday.

Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Pelosi both confirmed Friday that the articles would be sent out in three days. While Trump has already left office, impeaching the president would prevent him from holding office ever again if they convict him.