Nicki Minaj Wants To Go Plate-For-Plate For Thanksgiving "Verzuz"

birth to her son Nicki Minaj is enjoying the family life these days. We can’t blame her. She ran the past decade as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, recently celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Pink Friday. She gave birth to her son and is enjoying being a first-time mom and we can’t blame her. Nicki has been busting her ass off forever.

Like many, she enjoyed her Thanksgiving with her close family, though she decided against the traditional turkey. Taking to her Instagram Reel, Nicki revealed how the Petty family throws down in the kitchen. “So I made Thanksgiving turkey with no turkey. No ham. No cranberry sauce. None of that. I made it my way,” Nicki said alongside a glimpse of the plate. “With my fried chicken — the best in the world. Who wanna battle me? My macaroni and cheese is the best in the world. Who wanna battle me?”

Along with her fried chicken and mac & cheese, Nicki made some more Caribbean influences dishes including stew chicken, plantains, shrimp, potato salad, and corn. 

“Is it still considered thanksgiving dinner if…

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