Roddy Ricch Cryptically Teases New Album: "Love Is Barely Real Anymore"

Around this time last year, many of us were waiting for promising young star-in-the-making Roddy Ricch to release his debut studio album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. The body of work, which was released on December 6, 2019, convinced a lot of new fans that Roddy was the truth, and it reinforced assumptions from early supporters that he would end up doing big things.

Fast-forward one year and, despite all the dung that this year has thrown our way, Roddy proved us all correct, creating a long-lasting album that will likely go down as one of the best debut albums in modern rap history. Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial has too many standouts to count, but with the way “The Box” took over the charts, social media, and the entire world, Roddy showed that he’s worth every bit of your attention. The Compton rapper is up for a total of six GRAMMY nominations this year, and he may already have next year’s ceremony in his sights, cryptically hinting that his next album could be ready to go.