Adrien Broner Asks Fans For $13 Donation To Avoid Launching OnlyFans Page

OnlyFans took 2020 by storm, especially as the pandemic struck. Many people lost their jobs and turned to OnlyFans to supplement the lost income. There have been plenty of success stories, despite the criticism and even celebrities started launching pages. Cardi B, Tyga, and more have launched their own page where fans are able to receive exclusive content, whether it’s Cardi clarifying rumors or Tyga taking the power into his own hands after facing threats of his nudes leaking.

Adrien Broner’s recent financial situation has put a spotlight on his pockets, though it doesn’t appear that he’s shameful of this. With the boxer’s unpaid $800K judgment from 2018 hanging over his head, a judge put him on blast for flashing wads of cash on his IG page. He insisted it was his friend’s money and now, he’s doubling down on the claim. The boxer/rapper took to IG where he put out a public call for advice on launching an OnlyFans page in order to clear his debt.

“How do I make a #OnlyFans? I have so many videos that the world would pay to see. From me to all my brothas just acting a fool. Fuck that, I only got $13 and I am in debt $800,000,” he wrote.