Claudia Jordan Says Trump Was Nice To Her "Because He Wanted To F*ck"

She appeared on two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, so Claudia Jordan has had her fair share of personal interactions with President Donald Trump. The actress-turned-talk show host has been speaking about her days with Trump, including comments she made last month. It was then that Claudia accused the President of attempting to kiss her twice and said that he phoned her and advised the model not to date Black men. She’s returned with more allegations about Trump’s sexual advances and shared her story while speaking with TMZ on-air.

Donald Trump, Claudia Jordan, Celebrity Apprentice
Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty Images

“I used to like Trump. If he would have been more in the middle and not like—the Tea Party f*cked it all up if you ask me. They got him thinking you gotta cater to them and go all the way to the right and act crazy and he just kept on going,” said Jordan. The hosts wanted to know what her time was like as a beautiful woman on Celebrity Apprentice.