Lil Baby Doubles His Rate Per Occasion

There are now only two rappers who have apparently gone double platinum this year. That is Lil Baby and Roddy Ricch. And it comes at a strange time where doing shows or club appearances are at a minimum because of the pandemic. So, even though the streams are going way up, they aren’t getting booked for as many shows as they should be. If COVID never happened, I would suspect both artists would be doing Travis Scott-length tour runs.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

But for Baby, the decline in show bookings and the increased demand has led him to do the only logical thing possible — up the rate. The rapper famously moved his hands in a talking motion as he explained he makes, “2 Hunna an occasion.” He commemorated this statement with a welcome mat at his front door. But, now, the two has doubled and Baby is going to make his bank where he can. Taking to Twitter, he simply told his followers, “That 2 done turned into a 4.”