Spencer Dinwiddie Responds To Recent Trade Rumor

Heading into the next NBA season, many believe the Brooklyn Nets could be the team to beat. Of course, Kyrie Irving will be in the lineup, as well as Kevin Durant who took a year off to recover from his Achilles injury. While it’s possible Durant is never the same player, there is an equal possibility that he remains his dominant self. If that were to happen, this Nets team could easily ascend to the top of the Eastern Conference, where numerous teams have been jockeying for position.

It’s also been stated that the Nets need a third star to be real contenders. Others feel like the Nets are fine as is but either way, the rumors have already started circulating. For instance, Brian Windhorst of ESPN recently reported that Spencer Dinwiddie could be available. Dinwiddie, who never misses a beat on Twitter, saw the report and offered a humorous reaction saying “I had the most fun years of my career playing for the Nets. Outside of course when my dad used to coach me before middle school.”