Tory Lanez Caught Off Guard By Quarantine Radio Troll

Tory Lanez’s last few months haven’t exactly been fruitful. It all started after it was reported that he had been arrested in connection with the discharge of a firearm during a night out with Megan Thee Stallion. A few weeks later, Meg accused Tory of shooting her in the foot, which led to a strong reaction on social media as fans and artists looked to distance themselves from the Canadian artist. Since that time, Tory has maintained his innocence, despite being hit with formal charges against him. The artist even dropped an album called Daystar where he attempted to tell his side of the story.

Now, Lanez has gone back to doing his Quarantine Radio show although, at this point, it seems as though escaping the trolls is going to be almost impossible to do. In the clip below, Tory was taking calls when all of a sudden, a man called in and continuously said “you shot Megan Thee Stallion,” until Tory was forced to hang up and try to take a different caller.