Dwight Howard Denies Deadbeat Dad Accusations: "I've Always Been A Great Father"

This should be one of the greatest times of Dwight Howard’s life after the Los Angeles Lakers star received his first NBA Championship, but instead, he’s been facing accusations of being a deadbeat dad. Immediately following the Lakers’ big win, the mothers of Dwight’s two sons, Royce Reed and Christina Vest, both accused Howard of ignoring his children. Royce and Dwight’s 12-year-old son Braylon took to social media to write that his father “ain’t a real dad,” and now the Laker’s champ has come forward to deny the claims against him.

Dwight Howard spoke with Nina Brown of WHUR 96.3 radio station to talk about his recent controversy. He said he’s not the type of person to take to social media to “bash anybody,” and added that he’s currently taking care of one of his children right now. “My son lives with me. There’s no way I could be a deadbeat dad if I have a son that lives with me,” said Howard. “The situation with my other son, it’s unfortunate that a lot of things have been made public.”

“Even before this season started back up, he lived with me for three months,” he added. “He stayed in my house, we woke up every morning, we worked out together, we ran together, we ate together. We did everything together. He followed me around the whole house. It was the most time me and have spent like that.” However, he also stated that he hates “that it’s our own people making it seem as though I’m somebody that I’m not.”

“I’ve always been a great father. Are there areas of improvement? Of course, just like there is in life, with basketball, in anything that I do,” Dwight Howard said. “I’ve never been that type of person. I lost one of my son’s mom…[she] passed away earlier this year. I was given the responsibility to have my son with me full-time and he really has changed my life. He was one of the…

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