50 Cent Voting For Joe Biden According To Chelsea Handler

Donald Trump’s supporters will not be pleased to hear this but, following his endorsement of the President’s re-election, 50 Cent has officially stepped back from his previous support of the candidate, choosing to vote for Joe Biden instead.

This comes after about two weeks of back-and-forth with comedian Chelsea Handler, with who Fif had a relationship several years ago.

The New York native caused quite the stir when he admitted that Biden’s proposed tax plan for the rich threw him off and, as a result, he would be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Then, when Handler pressed him on social media and offered to pay his increased taxes, he seemingly did a double-take on his own endorsement, logging back onto Instagram and saying: “Fuck Donald Trump, I never liked him.”

Handler still was unsure of who Fif would be voting for though, asking for his time this week to have a personal conversation to discuss the importance of his endorsement. As per the comedian’s recent appearance on The View, she got in Fiddy’s ear and, next week, he will be voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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