G Herbo Gets 21 Savage A Diamond Dagger Chain For His Birthday

21 Savage disavowed jewelry two years ago, choosing to use his money more wisely by investing in businesses, cryptocurrency, and real estate. He seems to have turned back on his stance because, as of late, the Atlanta-based rapper has been back on his chain game.

The rapper celebrated his birthday last night and three guests made sure he was dripping hard around his neck. The party was 70s-themed and, after all, what’s a pimp without some diamonds? Metro Boomin got him a special Boominati chain to celebrate the success of their new album Savage Mode II and G Herbo ended up cashing out on a diamond dagger pendant to match the knife on his forehead.

He tried on the chain, pairing with two others that were gifted to him on the same night. 

“This is just today,” he said, showing off his ice. “My birthday tomorrow though.”

After opening the jewelry box, it doesn’t look like 21 thanks Herbo, simply accepting the gift and remaining silent but they were in a loud nightclub, so maybe the camera just didn’t catch their exchange.

For someone who no longer wears jewelry, there’s an awful lot of jewelry on him!

What do you think of G Herbo’s birthday gift for 21 Savage?

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