Jennifer Lopez Gets Backlash For "Black Girl From The Bronx" Lyric

A lyric from a song that was released weeks ago has recently been causing controversy for Jennifer Lopez. The multifaceted entertainer has long been pressed about certain lyrics that rubbed people the wrong way, including her 2001 n-word remark on her hit single “I’m Real” with Ja Rule. Last month, Lopez and Maluma released their collaborative single “Lonely,” and after people began dissecting the lyrics, a line by the singer sparked a debate.

“Siempre serás tu negrita del Bronx,” Jennifer Lopez sings on the track. The line translates to, “I’ll always be your Black girl from the Bronx.” This, of course, sent up a hailstorm of backlash from people who were appalled that Lopez would refer to herself as Black girl, but others came to her defense, giving context to what they say “negrita” means in certain cultures. Still, the masses weren’t convinced as they noted that Lopez hasn’t referred to herself as a Black woman for the entirety of her career.

The singer hasn’t come forward to make a statement about her “Lonely” lyrics, but you can check out the song in its entirety, along with a few reactions, below.

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