N.O.R.E's Gifted A Surplus Of D'usse & Ace Of Spades: "Jay-Z's Bullying Me"

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that N.O.R.E. is a big fan of liquor. The title of his podcast, Drink Champs tells you that already. That being said, you can only imagine what the reaction of someone like him would be when a surplus of Ace Of Spades and D’Usse arrives at the door. Being a TIDAL affiliate and all, the rapper-turned-journalist received a care package from HOV the other day that included many, many bottles of Jay-Z-owned brands of liquors.

“You think I enjoy this?! You don’t think that I want to be just drinking all this Ace Of Spades and D’Usse. This is abuse,” he jokingly declared in an IG video showing off the many bottles. “Jay-Z’s bullying me! This is the best form of bullying I’ve ever been bullied,” he continued with a laugh. “Okay, fine! I’ll drink all this shit!” He sarcastically continued.

If you didn’t know, N.O.R.E is…

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