Consequence Reveals He Has Been Diagnosed With Lupus

In a year filled with uncertainty, Consequence revealed details pertaining to his own health issues that he initially believed to be COVID-19-related. During a Zoom conference call where he hosted his listening party for Things Are Different Now EP, Con opened up about being diagnosed with lupus, the autoimmune disease J. Dilla 

Speaking to HipHopDX, Consequence detailed the inspiration behind the song, “Together” that includes a feature form his 9-year-old son Caiden Mills. Cons explained that in October 2019, he had been on a rigorous schedule as he worked on Jesus Is King, taking “wild flights” to get the project finished. Following his final flight to New York, he had developed discomfort in his neck from his son jumping on his back. 

Initially thinking the pain would vanish soon, he saw a doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers but that ultimately made things worse.

“I was already Type II diabetic with no diabetes symptoms,” he explains. “I was subject to anything autoimmune-related. I went to Paris —  don’t want this to sound like rich n***a problems because I almost died — but I’m flying from one jet from Los Angeles to Paris and Paris to Los Angeles, and I get to L.A. and I can’t fucking move. So I go to urgent care — and this is when COVID was first shaking — so I was was like, ‘Fuck, maybe I got COVID.’”

After going to urgent care, he was stuck at home during the early weeks of quarantine, explaining that his symptoms haven’t got any better. Eventually, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West set him up with urgent care in Uptown.

“All my cells were on fire and that’s why I couldn’t move and shit,” he continued. “I was fucked up, never in my life fucked up like this. But God’s will is God’s will. Eventually, it was discovered what it was. Literally, I’m so fucking crazy I flew to Wyoming at 107 pounds… My diabetes went from Type II to Type 1 with the lupus ’cause I had to take steroid that runs your sugar up. Because I didn’t know none of this shit, I was still eating the same shit and it was actually melting from the inside.”

“I have what Dilla had and what Phife had as a combo Happy Meal [laughs],” he added. “To be honest with you, I’m learning every day. I didn’t even know I would get my way back. I didn’t know I would get my strength back at all.”

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