Killer Mike Offers A Message To Young Men

Killer Mike has earned respect not only for his enduring lyricism, but his presence as an orator. Often stepping up in times of crisis, most recently delivering a passionate speech following the death of George Floyd, Mike has developed into an OG figure whose voice carries weight to younger fans and followers.

Killer Mike

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Today, Mike took to Instagram to share a lengthy reflection of sorts, one dedicated primarily to men seeking guidance and focus. “A lotta men fell off following a “girl” they wanted to spend their life with,” he begins. “Men should be lead by goals, principles & discipline not just a “want of a woman”. Become who u really wanna be b4 u wanna spend a dollar, cent or the rest of your life with anyone. Men, take care of u, 1st or u can never properly take care of a woman and family. This is a hard lesson to learn but the younger the man that learns it the better man he will be. The better life he will have.”

“I made the same mistakes my father did by trying to be everything for others b4 i took care of my needs, wants and desires,” he continues. “I preach to my boys don’t even let a woman take u seriously until you are late 20s. This way they can hopefully live and not drag a young woman that has expectations they do…

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