Lakers' Classic Jerseys For 2021 Surface Online

Every single year, teams throughout the NBA are blessed with some new jerseys that they get to wear on special occasions. For the last few seasons, the City Jersey trend has been especially fun for fans who always seem to rush out and got get the uniforms. Some teams even enjoy going out and getting themselves some classic jerseys that replicate the uniforms worn during the early year of a given franchise. In 2021, it seems as though the Lakers will indeed be going the classic route.

In new images posted to Twitter, a Lakers fan was able to purchase an early shirsey (t-shirt jersey) from a sporting goods store. As you can see from the photos below, the shirt contains the same colors, font, and number style as the classic Lakers uniforms from 1960, when the team moved from  Minneapolis to Los Angeles. The Lakers wore these jerseys until the late 60s when they went with the purple and gold.